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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johannes Sch?ning

Faculty 03
Mathematics/Computer Science Mathematics/Computer Science


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High-Profile Areas
» Minds Media Machines

Creative Units funded by the Institutional StrategyCreative Units
» Intra-Operative Information: What Surgeons Need, When They Need It.

Additional inter-faculty institutions
» Center for Computing and Communication Technologies (TZI)

Affiliation to an institute
Code Indication deutsch Indication englisch Funcition Keywords deutsch Keywords englisch
BSCC  Bremen Spatial Cognition Center (BSCC)  Bremen Spatial Cognition Center (BSCC)  Leader/Speaker    Research in Spatial Cognition investigates the acquisition, organization, utilization and revision of information about real and abstract spatial environments by human beings and in technical systems. Examples for such system are mobile robots, but also mobile communication paradigms. The Bremen Spatial Cognition Center (BSCC) is an interdisciplinary research institute at the University of Bremen, Germany. It succeeds the Transregional Collaborative Research Center SFB/TR 8 Spatial Cognition which has been funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) from 2003-2014. 

Affialation to a work group
Code Indication deutsch Indication englisch Faculty Keywords deutsch Keywords englisch
HCI  Mensch-Computer Interaktion  Human-Computer Interaction  F03     

Research Topics
» Human Factors, Ergonomics, Human-Machine Systems
» Interactive and Intelligent Systems, Image and Language Processing, Computer Graphics and Visualisation



Projects (Hyperlink)
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Agencies that have funded your research during the past five years (public institutions and foundations)
» Volkswagen Foundation

Scientific Activities

Publications (Hyperlink)
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Most significant Publications
Falling asleep with Angry Birds, Facebook and Kindle: a large scale study on mobile application usage (Publisher)
Author(s)Matthias Böhmer, Brent Hecht, Johannes Schöning, Antonio Krüger, Gernot Bauer
InProceedings of the 13th international conference on Human computer interaction with mobile devices and services
Conference Paper
Multi-touch surfaces: A technical guide (Publisher)
Author(s)Johannes Schöning, Peter Brandl, Florian Daiber, Florian Echtler, Otmar Hilliges, Jonathan Hook, Markus Löchtefeld, Nima Motamedi, Laurence Muller, Patrick Olivier, Tim Roth, Ulrich von Zadow
InIEEE Tabletops and Interactive Surfaces



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