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Prof. Dr. Kerstin Knopf

Faculty 10
English Studies/Romance Studies/German Studies/Linguistics English Studies/Romance Studies/German Studies/Linguistics


Affiliations | Research Topics | Cooperations | Projects | Scientific Activities | Resources


Affiliation to an institute
Code Indication deutsch Indication englisch Funcition Keywords deutsch Keywords englisch
ESC    English-Speaking Cltures  Member     
INPUTS  Institut fĂĽr Postkoloniale und Transkulturelle Studien  Institute for Postcolonial and Transcultural Studies  Member  -post/koloniale und neokoloniale Phänomene, Praktiken und Diskurse
-entkolonisierende Phänomene, Praktiken und Diskurse 
-post/colonial and neocolonial phenomena, practices, and discourses -decolonizing phenomena, practices, and discourses 
BIKQS  Bremer Institut fĂĽr Kanada- und Quebec-Studien   Bremen Institute of Canada and QuĂ©bec Studies (BICQS)  Member  -kritische Studien zu Kanadas Kulturen, Geschichte, Gesellschaft, Politik, Geographie, Umweltpolitik, Literaturen, Filmen, Median, Sprachen  -critical studies of Canadian cultures, history, society, politics, geography, environmental politics, literatures, films, media, languages 

Affialation to a work group
Code Indication deutsch Indication englisch Faculty Keywords deutsch Keywords englisch
PCLCS    Postcolonial Literary and Cultural Studies  F10    -Postcolonial Studies (Cultures, Theories, Literatures and Films)
-Indigenous Literatures, Film and Media worldwide
-African Diaspora Studies
-Australian and New Zealand Studies
-American and Canadian Nineteenth-Century Literature
-American Prison Literature
-Women and Gender Studies

Research Topics
Humanities and social sciences
» Fine Arts, Music, Theatre and Media Studies
» Literary Studies
» Social and Cultural Anthropology, Non-European Cultures, Jewish Studies and Religious Studies


Researchers with cooperation
Institution City Category Country of origin
University of Western Ontario London, ON University abroad Canada
University of Manitoba Winnipeg, MB University abroad Canada
University of Guelph Guelph, ON University abroad Canada
"Indianer-Inuit: Das Nordamerika-Filmfestival" Stuttgart Cultural Institution Germany
Johannes-Gutenberg-Universität Mainz Mainz University Germany Germany
University of Szczecin Szczecin University abroad Poland


Most significant projects
Code Indication deutsch Indication englisch Cooperation partners Funding sources/agencies Term
Wok Bung – German Colonialism in Papua New Guinea: Histories, Texts, Languages Prof. Craig Volker (Cairns Institute of James Cook University, Australia and New Ireland PNG)
Anne-Marie Wanamp (University of Goroka, PNG)
Prof. Eeva Sippola (Universität Bremen)
Universität Bremen, Internationalisierungsfond 2016 -
Indigenous Knowledges in North America Prof. Dr. Birgit Däwes, U Flensburg
--- 2015 -
Biopolitics-Geopolitics-Sovereignty-Life: Settler Colonialisms and Indigenous Presences in North America Dr. René Dietrich, JGU Mainz DFG 2014 - 2015
First Takes First Takes: Indigenous Cinemas in the 21st Century Dr. Wendy Pearson, UWO, Kanada und Dr. Ernie Blackmore, U Wollongong, Australien SSHRC 2011 -

Agencies that have funded your research during the past five years (public institutions and foundations)
» University of Bremen/Central Research Development Fund
» Other Foundations
» International Organizations/Programs

My main fields of specialty are Indigenous films worldwide, Indigenous literature and media in North America, African Diaspora Studies, Postcolonial and Cultural Studies, Australian and New Zealand Studies, Nineteenth-Century North American literature, American Prison literature, and Women and Gender Studies.

Scientific Activities

Publications (Hyperlink)
Link (extern):

Most significant Publications
"The Turn Toward the Indigenous: Knowledge Systems and Practices in the Academy."
Author(s)Kerstin Knopf
InAmerikastudien/American Studies
North America in the 21st Century: Tribal, Local, and Global (Publisher)
Author(s)Kerstin Knopf
Edited Volume/Special Edition/Periodical
Decolonizing the Lens of Power: Indigenous Films in North America
Author(s)Kerstin Knopf
Aboriginal Canada Revisited (Publisher)
Author(s)Kerstin Knopf
Edited Volume/Special Edition/Periodical
Sex/ismus und Medien (Publisher)
Author(s)Kerstin Knopf und Monika Schneikart
Edited Volume/Special Edition/Periodical


First Ph.D. supervisor
Title of the dissertation First name Last name Sex Year
Risk and Immigration in Selected African Novels Oluseun Tanimomo männlich 2016
"The Haunted, Ghosts, and the National Spirit: Gothic Tropes and Identity Construction(s) in Contemporary Scottish and English Canadian Fiction" Anna Stahlhofen weiblich 2015

Second Ph.D. supervisor
Title of the dissertation First name Last name Sex Year Status Bezeichnung Uni
"'Knowing that Magical Things Were Still Living in the World': Ăśber die Genese neuer Mythen in zeitgenössischen kanadischen Geistergeschichten" Tobias Schlosser männlich other University Universität Chemnitz, Prof. Cecil Sandten


First habilitation reviewer
Title of the habilitation First name Last name Sex Year
"Transforming Futures: Religion as Organising Principle in Caribbean Speculative Fiction" Janelle Rodriques weiblich
"Class Consciousness in Nigerian Literature and the Performing Arts: Gender, Sexuality and Politics, 1914- 2014" Olorunshola Adenekan männlich
"Submerged Nationalism? Literary and Cultural Topographies of Sri Lanka's Conflict" Birte Heidemann-Malreddy weiblich

Conferences organized by you during the past five years

Titel Year Hyperlink
Third Bremen Conference on Language and Literature in Colonial and Postcolonial Contexts: “Postcolonial Knowledges” 2016 Link (extern): 
"Biopolitics-Geopolitics-Sovereignty-Life: Settler Colonialisms and Indigenous Presences in North America?" 2015  
Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft fĂĽr Kanada-Studien "Indigenous Knowledges and Academic Discourses; Les savoirs indigènes et le discours scientifique; Indigenes Wissen und Akademische Diskurse" 2014 Link (extern): 
Greifswald Canadian Studies Program Conference "Canada in the Americas: Democratic Vistas and Discursive Perspectives from Tribal to Global" 2010  

Visiting Scientists
Name Term Institution of origin Country of origin
Dr. Amatoritsero Ede März-Mai 2016 Carleton University, Ottawa


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