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Prof. Dr. Andreas Lüttge
Dr. habil., Dipl. Min.

Faculty 05
Geosciences Geosciences


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DFG Collaborative Projects
» FZ/Cluster of Excellence "The Ocean in the Earth System" (MARUM)

Research Topics
Natural sciences
» Physical and Theoretical Chemistry
» Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Crystallography
» Chemical Solid State and Surface Research


Researchers with cooperation
Institution City Category Country of origin
Rice University Houston, TX University abroad United States
Princeton University Princeton, NJ University abroad United States
Stanford University Stanford, CA University abroad United States
Universität Münster Münster University Germany Germany
Babes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca University abroad Romania
University of Southern California (USC) Los Angeles, CA University abroad United States
University of Granada Granada University abroad Spain
Institut de Ciències de la Terra "Jaume Almera" (CSIC) Barcelona Research Center abroad Spain


Projects (Hyperlink)
Link (extern):

Most significant projects
Code Indication deutsch Indication englisch Cooperation partners Funding sources/agencies Term
Mechanisms of Hydration and Setting of Ordinary Portland Cement in Simple and Complex Systems Rice University, Princeton University, Federal Highway Authority (FHWA) 2013 - 2015
Linking Chemical and Physical Effects of CO2 Injection to Geophysical Parameters Stanford University Global Climate and Energy Project (GCEP) 2010 - 2014
The Role of Biofilm on Margin Stability and the Development of Secondary Caries Rice University, University of National Institute of Health (NIH) 2010 - 2014

Agencies that have funded your research during the past five years (public institutions and foundations)
» University of Bremen/Central Research Development Fund
» International Organizations/Programs

Funding sources during the past five years (enterprises)
Company name Country of origin Term
Exxon Mobil Corporation United States 2011 - 2014
General Electric Company United States 2011 - 2014
Schlumberger Technology Corporation United States 2011 - 2014
Toyota Motor Corporation United States 2011 - 2014

Geochemistry: Kinetics of Fluid - Solid Interactions, Mineral Dissolution Kinetics
Geochemistry: Nanocrystals, The Fate of Nanoparticles in the Environment
Geochemistry: Nuclear Waste Deposits
Geochemistry: Early Cement Hydration Kinetics


Bio-Geochemistry: Microbial Attachment, Microbe-Solid Interactions
Bio-Medicine: Microbial Attachment to Bones and Theeth, Development of Secondary Caries


Scientific Activities

Publications (Hyperlink)
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Visiting Scientists
Name Term Institution of origin Country of origin
Jörn Hoevelmann WS 2012 - SS 2013


White Light Vertical Scanning Interferometers (ZEMAPPERs/ZEMETRICS/ZYGO)


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