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Prof. Dr. Kai Bischof

Faculty 02
Biology/Chemistry Biology/Chemistry


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High-Profile Areas
» Marine, Polar and Climate Research

Graduate program
» International Research Training Group "Integrated Coastal and Shelf-Sea Research" (INTERCOAST)
» Doctoral Programme on Marine Ecosystem Health and Conservation (MARES)

Affiliation to an institute
Code Indication deutsch Indication englisch Funcition Keywords deutsch Keywords englisch
BreMarE    Bremen Marine Ecology - Center for Research and Education  Member     

Affiliation to a non-university institute
» Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI)

Affialation to a work group
Code Indication deutsch Indication englisch Faculty Keywords deutsch Keywords englisch
MarBot  Meeresbotanik  Marine Botany  F03  Ökophysiologie mariner Algen  Ecophysiology of marine algae  

Research Topics
Life sciences
» Plant Sciences
Natural sciences
» Atmospheric Science, Oceanography and Climate Research


Researchers with cooperation
Institution City Category Country of origin
Alfred-Wegener-Institut für Polar- und Meeresforschung Bremerhaven Helmholtz Association Germany
University of Waikato Hamilton University abroad New Zealand
Universidad Austral de Chile Valdivia University abroad Chile
Universidad Catolica del Norte Coquimbo University abroad Chile
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Institute of Oceanology Qingdao Research Center abroad China
Universidad de Magallanes Punta Arenas University abroad Chile


Projects (Hyperlink)
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Most significant projects
Code Indication deutsch Indication englisch Cooperation partners Funding sources/agencies Term
SINVA Probability of seaweed invasions into Antarctica Universidad de Magallanes, Chile; Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain DFG 2016 - 2019
Undaria Undaria - a prominent Asian food source spreading in European waters Institute of Oceanology, Qingdao, China DFG, Sino-German Center for Science Cooperation 2016 - 2019

Agencies that have funded your research during the past five years (public institutions and foundations)
» University of Bremen/Central Research Development Fund
» Other EU Programs
» State of Bremen (without basic finance)

Funding sources during the past five years (enterprises)
Company name Country of origin Term
SWB Germany November 2019

Sorry - only available in german Kultivierung von Großalgen, Produktionsmessungen, Erfassung der physikalischen Umweltfaktoren

Scientific Activities

Publications (Hyperlink)
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Most significant Publications
Arctic kelp eco-physiology during the Polar Night: A crucial role for laminarin
Author(s)Lydia Scheschonk, Stefan Becker, Jan-Hendrik Ehemann, Nora Diehl, Kai Bischof
InMarine Ecology Progress Series
Kongsfjorden as harbinger of the future Arctic: knowns, unknowns and research priorities
Author(s)Kai Bischof, Peter Convey, Pedro Duarte, Jean-Pierre Gattuso, Maria Granberg, Haakon Hop, Clara Hoppe, Carlos Jimenez C, Leonid Lisitsyn, Brezo Martinez, Michael Roleda, Peter Thor, Jozef Wiktor, Geir Wing Gabrielsen
InAdvances in Polar Ecology: Ecosystem Kongsfjorden, Svalbard.
Yearin press
Book Chapter
Seaweed Ecology and Physiology, 2nd Edition (Publisher)
Author(s)Catriona L. Hurd, Paul J. Harrison, Kai Bischof, Christopher S. Lobban


First Ph.D. supervisor
Title of the dissertation First name Last name Sex Year
Range expansion mechanisms of the invasive kelp Undaria pinnatifida Merle Bollen weiblich 2017
Light acclimation in intertidal seagrass Dorothea Kohlmeier weiblich 2016
On the role of fatty acid composition in photoacclimation of seaweeds Kristina Koch weiblich 2016
Macroalgal performance and competition under elevated CO2 Laurie Hofmann weiblich 2012
Photoecophysiology of symbiotic zooxanthellae of hermatypic corals Wiebke Krämer weiblich 2012
Succession patterns of turf algal communities in a fringing coral reef Anna Fricke weiblich 2011
Photosynthesis and photoinhibition at low temperatures: physiological responses of Antarctic rhodophytes Susanne Becker weiblich 2010
Interactive abiotic stress effects on Arctic marine macroalgae Jana Fredersdorf weiblich 2009
Physiological reactions of marine macrophytes along abiotic stress gradients Ralf Rautenberger männlich 2008
Coral photophysiology in response to thermal stress, nutritional status and seawater electrolysis Esther Borell weiblich 2008


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