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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Vollertsen

Faculty 04
Production Engineering – Mechanical Engineering & Process Engineering Production Engineering – Mechanical Engineering & Process Engineering


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High-Profile Areas
» Materials Science and Production Engineering

DFG Collaborative Projects
» SFB 747: Micro Cold Forming - Processes, Characterisation, Optimisation
» SFB TR136: Function-Oriented Manufacturing Based on Characteristic Process Signatures
» SPP 1676: Dry Forming - Sustainable Production through dry machining in metal forming

Affiliation to a non-university institute
» Bremen Institute of Applied Beam Technology (BIAS)

Affialation to a work group
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Research Topics
» Metallurgical and Thermal Processes, Thermomechanical Treatment of Materials
» Primary Shaping and Reshaping Technology
» Synthesis and Properties of Functional Materials
» Joining, Mounting and Separation Technology
» Mechanical Behaviour of Construction Materials
» Structuring and Functionalisation
» Coating and Surface Technology



Projects (Hyperlink)
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Most significant projects
Code Indication deutsch Indication englisch Cooperation partners Funding sources/agencies Term
SFB 1232 Sonderforschungsbereich 1232 Farbige Zustände Universitaet Bremen DFG 2017 - 2020
SPP 1676 DFG-Schwerpunktprogramm 1676: Trockenumformen Priority Program 1676 wissenschaftliche Einrichtungen, Universitaeten in D DFG 2013 - 2020
Centr-Al Kompetenzzentrum Schweißen von Aluminiumwerkstoffen Center of Competence for Welding of Aluminium Alloys Industrie Industrie 2010 - 2024
SFB 747 Sonderforschungsbereich 747: Mikrokaltumformen Collaborative Research Center 747 Universität Bremen DFG 2009 - 2017
SFB/TR136 Sonderforschungsbereich TR 136: Funktionsorientierte Fertigung auf der Basis charakteristischer Prozesssignaturen TR 136 Universitaet Bremen, RWTH Aachen, Oklahoma State University DFG - 2021

Agencies that have funded your research during the past five years (public institutions and foundations)
» University of Bremen/Central Research Development Fund
» BMWi
» EU (7. FP)
» State of Bremen (without basic finance)

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Scientific Activities

Publications (Hyperlink)
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Conferences organized by you during the past five years

Titel Year Hyperlink
11. Laser-Anwenderforum LAF 2018 2018 Link (extern): 
5th International Conference on New Forming Technology ICNFT 2018 2018 Link (extern): 
10. Laser-Anwenderforum LAF 2016 2016 Link (extern): 
9. Laser-Anwenderforum LAF 2014 2014 Link (extern): 
4th International Workshop on Thermal Forming and Welding Distorbtion IWOTE'14 2014  


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