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Prof. Dr. Katrin Huhn

Faculty 05
Geosciences Geosciences


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High-Profile Areas
» Marine, Polar and Climate Research

DFG Collaborative Projects
» FZ/Cluster of Excellence "The Ocean in the Earth System" (MARUM)

Graduate program
» International Research Training Group "Integrated Coastal and Shelf-Sea Research" (INTERCOAST)

Affiliation to an institute
Code Indication deutsch Indication englisch Funcition Keywords deutsch Keywords englisch
FB5  Uni Bremen, Fachbereich 5  Uni Bremen, Department of Geosciences  Member     
MARUM  Uni Bremen, MARUM  Uni Bremen, MARUM  Member     

Affialation to a work group
Code Indication deutsch Indication englisch Faculty Keywords deutsch Keywords englisch
AGSedMod  AG Modellierung von Sedimentationsprozesses  Modelling of sediment dynamics  F05     

Research Topics
Natural sciences
» Geology and Palaeontology
» Geophysics


Researchers with cooperation
Institution City Category Country of origin
Geomar Kiel Helmholtz Association
Uni Hamburg / Institut für Geophysik Hamburg University Germany
NGI Oslo Oslo Research Center abroad
Uni Durham Durham University abroad
NOC Southampton Southampton Research Center abroad
IFREMER Brest Research Center abroad
CSIC Barcelona Research Center abroad
IGEOTEST Figueres Company
ISMAR Bologna Research Center abroad
OGS Triest University abroad
Uni Innsbruck Innsbruck University abroad
CAU Kiel University Germany
MIGRIS Trondheim Company
VBPR Oslo Research Center abroad
Uni Waikato Hamilton University abroad
GNS Wellington Research Center abroad
Uni Auckland Aucland University abroad


Projects (Hyperlink)
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Most significant projects
Code Indication deutsch Indication englisch Cooperation partners Funding sources/agencies Term
SEKT Forschungsexpedition Research Expedition Geomar, Uni Kiel BMBF 2018 - 2019
SLATE European Training Network European Training Network EU 2017 - 2021
INTERCOAST Internationales Graduiertenkolleg International Research Training Group Uni Waikato DFG 2009 - 2018

Agencies that have funded your research during the past five years (public institutions and foundations)
» EU (7. FP)
» Other EU Programs

Numerical simulation techniques, e.g. granular materials(PFC2D/3D), continuums approach (FLAC, COMSOL), OpenFOAM

Scientific Activities

Publications (Hyperlink)
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Most significant Publications
Reconstruction of retreating mass wasting in response to progressive progressive slope steepening of the northeastern Cretan margin, eastern Mediterranean (Publisher)
Author(s)Strozyk, F., Strasser, M., Krastel, S., Meyer, M. & K. Huhn
InMarine Geology
Landslide frequency and failure mechanisms at NE Gela Basin (Strait of Sicily) (Publisher)
Author(s)Kuhlmann, J, Asioli, A, Trincardi, F, Klügel, A and Huhn, K
InJournal of Geophysical Research
A conceptual model of pore-space blockage in mixed sediments using a new numerical approach, with implications for sediment bed stabilization (Publisher)
Author(s)Bartzke, G. & K. Huhn
The quest for sea-?oor integrity (Publisher)
Author(s)Markus, T., Huhn, K. & K. Bischof
The influence of an embedded viscous layer on the mechanics and kinematics of accretionary wedges (Publisher)
Author(s)Wenk, L. & K. Huhn
DoiDOI 10.1016/j.tecto.2013.08.015


First Ph.D. supervisor
Title of the dissertation First name Last name Sex Year
The influence of sediment texture on the mobility of mixed beds : Annular flume experiments and numerical modelling Franziska Staudt weiblich 2016
The mechanics of an accretionary wedge affected by a layer with varying rheology, viscosity, and thickness Linda Wenk weiblich 2014
Shelf architecture and submarine landsliding at the Gela Basin (Strait of Sicily) Jannis Kuhlmann männlich 2014
Micro Scale Sediment-Fluid Interactions Gerhard Bartzke männlich 2013
Micromechanical Analysis of Sheared Granular Materials Using the Discrete Element Method Lutz Torbahn männlich 2013
Numerical Simulation of Sediment Transport at the Agulhas Drift on the South African Gateway in relation to its Geodynamic Development Xin Li weiblich 2011
Slope stability vs. Neotectonic activity on the northeastern margin of Crete, eastern Mediterranean Frank Strozyk männlich 2009
Deformation and micromechanics of granular materials in shear zones - investigated with the Discrete Element Method Ingo Kock männlich 2007

Second Ph.D. supervisor
Title of the dissertation First name Last name Sex Year Status Bezeichnung Uni
The Mozambique Ridge – Evolution of a Large Igneous Province and its implication for palaeocean circulation Maximilian David Fischer männlich 2017 Uni Bremen
The Manihiki Plateau – Magmatic and tectonic evolution of a Large Igneous Province through time Ricarda Pietsch weiblich 2016 Uni Bremen
Numerische Modellierung des Verflüssigungsverhaltens von Kippen des Braunkohlenbergbaus beim und nach dem Wiederaufgang von Grundwasser Christian Jakob männlich 2016 other University TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Sedimentation history and geodynamic evolution of the Mozambique Basin using seismic data Jude Castelino männlich 2016 Uni Bremen
Submarine landslides in the Northern Tyrrhenian Sea and relationship with the turbiditic and contouritic deposits: morphology, stratigraphy, geotechnics and modelling Elda Miramontes weiblich 2016 other University IFREMER Brest
Cenozoic paleoceanographic changes of the South pacific from seismic reflection data Michael Horn männlich 2015 Uni Bremen
From early Miocene to present: Reconstruction of the deep Thermohaline circulation at the Eirik Drift Antje Müller-Michaelis weiblich 2014 Uni Bremen
Sources of Neogene erosion in the Ueropean Central Alps. The cooling history of the Lepontine Dome revealed by low-temperature thermochronology and numerical ‘sandbox’ modelling Simon Elvert männlich 2014 Uni Bremen
Tide-induced Coastal and Estuarine Suspended Sediment Transport and Equilibrium Mor-phology Formation Qian Yu männlich 2011 Uni Bremen
Imprints of ice dynamics and atmospheric signals on the in-ternal structureof Antarctic Ice as seen via Radar Reinhard Drews männlich 2011 Uni Bremen
The layering of polar firn - Investigations of the climatic impact on polar firn structure using high resolution density measurements and 3D-X-ray-microfocus-computer-tomography Maria W. Hörhold weiblich 2010 Uni Bremen
Tectonic and magmatic processes along the transform margin of Southern Africa Nicole Parsiegla weiblich 2009 Uni Bremen
Airborne SAR / Interferometric Radar Altimeter System (ASIRAS) - Kalibrierung, Validierung und Intrepretation der Messergebnisse Veit Helm männlich 2008 Uni Bremen
Evaluation and application of GPS and altimetry data over Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica: annual elevation change, a digital elevation model, and surface flow velocity Christine Wesche weiblich 2008 Uni Bremen
Crustal evolution of the submarine plateaux of New Zealand and their tectonic reconstruction based on crustal balancing Jan Grobys männlich 2008 Uni Bremen
Modellierung von Gashydraten und deren Wachstum im Porenraum mariner Sedimente mit Hilfe der Distinkten Elemente Methode Stefan Kreiter männlich 2007 Uni Bremen
Reconstruction of oceanic currents and climate change of the Transkei Basin, South African gateway Philip Schlüter männlich 2007 Uni Bremen
Glacially related and bottom current controlled sedimentation processes on the West Antarctic continental margin – Interpretations derived from seismic reflection investigations Carsten Scheuer männlich 2006 Uni Bremen


Visiting Scientists
Name Term Institution of origin Country of origin
Hadar Elyashiv 10/2017-06/2019 Uni Haifa Israel
Liu Lejun 08/2016-10/2017 Chinesiche Akademie der Wissenschaften China
Maarten van Daele 07/2018-02/2019 Uni Ghent Belgium


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